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I grew up on a beautiful island in China. After I finish my Bachelor's degree in Digital Media Art design. I moved to an amazing island in the middle of the Pacific called Big Island Hawaii. Where I continued to cultivate my love for landscapes and the purity of simple things. I believe that beauty can be found in both natural and human-created forms, and that it reflects the vision and unlimited creativity of its creator.

My work has taken me to 40 countries across 4 different continents. In each of these places, I used my camera to help the local community find their voice and show them treasure they may not have yet found. My heart rejoices when I am able to use my work to show the value of people. I like to meet new friends, chat over coffee, and hear people's stories. Whether it's a love story, the creative process behind a product, goals, and dreams, or even why you chose the Big Island for a vacation, I want to use my camera to help you tell your story. Let me join you on your journey, and together, we can show the world a kind of beauty created by you and me.

Let's Start Our Journey Together

As the Director of Photography at Northgate Marketing Inc., I oversee the photography aspects of the company's projects. My primary responsibility is to ensure the production of high-quality images and videos for clients while coordinating with the creative team to maintain visual consistency across various branding materials.

In addition to my photography-specific duties, I am involved in other aspects of the company's work, such as providing creative input on branding concepts, managing client relationships, and collaborating with other team members to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.

You can check out the portfolio here: https://wearenorthgate.com

Fun Facts

I am a fan of light
I am a fan of coffee
I am a fan of beauty
I am a fan of culture
I am a fan of diversity
I am a fan of simplicity
I am a fan of adventure
I am a fan of love stories
I am a fan of authenticity
I am a fan of creating beauty
I am a fan of spontaneousness

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